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With 10-years in financial services, and with the last 5 working closely with the construction industry, FDB understands the dynamic between finance and construction. Having in-house finance removes any uncertainty over money. With a close network of over 40 lenders, we know who to approach for your project’s success.


Working closely with a trusted network of architects, FDB is driven to facilitate ambitious projects that make a statement. We can additionally, provide seamless communication between all parties. Designs, finances and construction will always start, and finish, on the same page.


With a wealth of experience in the construction industry, we have extensive contacts in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. This translates into finding our clients the ideal labour and site management solutions for their project. Being industry insiders and trusted experts, FDB knows which suppliers, vendors and contacts will best fit your project and budget.


With over 10 years of experience in financial services, FDB understands the full process of construction finance and due diligence. This innate understanding of funding at every stage of the construction process ensures proper scoping of the project and a fail-safe approach to finance.

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With trusted development contracts and an in-house finance department, client’s can be assured of Finance Design Build providing the solid foundations necessary for success.

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Extensive experience in the construction industry has lead to a wealth of knowledge and contacts in both high-end commercial and residential builds, as well as industrial projects. We work with a large, trusted network of contacts, that ensure your vision is seamlessly delivered on time, and without issue.

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Create a beautiful project, outside and in. Our landscaping contacts deliver high-quality, bespoke landscaping projects for both residential and commercial projects. Whatever your project, we can offer anything from new landscape installations, landscape improvements, hardscape and softscape, as well as irrigation services.

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From commercial to residential projects, we work with ambitious architects who are committed to visualising and realising your dream build. Our network of architects offers intricate and ambitious projects that showcase natural light and promote what is intrinsically human.

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Labour Hire

With a wealth of labour hire at our fingertips, FDB ensures your project is carried out with the same passion and attention to detail that we expect of ourselves. Our labour will arrive on site with correct protective gear.

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Project Management

Our project managers are committed to delivering your vision. FDB will mediate between project managers, architects, financiers and the clients themselves, to ensure perfect communication between all parties. There will always be one vision and one plan.

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Real Estate

Finance Design Build is ready to sell your property. Our years of experience in the industry will ensure your project shines.

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Working closely with media agencies, FDB can provide comprehensive project marketing, both pre and post-build, with professional video, images and media releases.

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About Us

Finance Design Build offers high-quality end-to-end management for commercial, residential and industrial construction projects across South East Queensland. Our service covers every stage of the construction process, from securing finance and investors, to the scope and design phase, through to construction, and post-build services.

FDB is the amalgamation of a builder and a broker wanting to offer a better, more comprehensive construction management service. FDB’s network of close industry contacts extends across lenders, architects, landscapers to builders and developers as well as real estate and media agencies. From initial designs to final completion, FDB will cover every step.

We manage projects that reflect our ambitious team. Working alongside our clients, FDB values intricacy and detail throughout every stage of the build. From high-end residential builds to commercial projects, FDB provides quality and adds value to every stage.

Through our industry knowledge, and expertise from end-to-end, Finance Design Build provides seamless communication between all parties, avoiding surprises and delivering a final product that is both ambitious and beautiful.

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